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It's not a monochrome world. Welcome to RISO inkjet. RISO means IDEAL

RISO means "ideal" in Japanese- and for good reason! RISO strives to create fundamentally unique technologies in paper-based communication through an emphasis on productivity, cost-efficiency and flexibility. Every product manufactured delivers these benefits in a balance that offers the ideal solution to our customers. RISO is also a big proponent for community. Their environmental and support programs are the heart of their mission as a company. RISO was founded in 1954 in Tokyo and celebrated 30 years in the U.S in 2016.  RISO specializes in inkjet printers and digital duplicators that are ultra-fast, efficient and reliable. The digital duplicators come with 21 standard, 50 custom colors and special order-made colors are available making custom jobs a breeze!  These machines are energy saving and use rice bran oil ink contributing to environmental stability. When you research RISO, you will find that RISO produces more print jobs within a short period of time, can save you time by storing multiple jobs without the need for additional user intervention, enhances image quality, minimizes short-run printing costs, increases job flexibility and system dependability and has the capability to use an Envelope Feeder accessory! RISO machines have a print speed of anywhere from 90 ppm- 190 ppm!


Thinking that this might be the answer for your company needs? Meet with us to find out! We offer FREE, one-hour consultations with our knowledgeable staff to determine if RISO is right for you! Book with us below to schedule your consultation today!

We offer a FREE, one-hour consultation about your company to determine the best printer/copier fit for your business needs and wants. We work to link you with the equipme...
RISO Printer/Copier Consultation
1 hr